When folks ask me to do a Photo Session with them there are somtimes lot of qustions. Here ae some of those questions with answers. I hope this helps you in making your decision to take a Photo Session with me and decisions on what type of Session you would like to have.

This FAQ is geared toward those who are UNDER 18 years of age . If you are 18 or over, please view the Adult Photo Session FAQ ----> HERE

Q: Are you a Professional Photographer?
A: Although I produce professional quality photos and treat each model in a professional manner, by definition, NO, I do not make a living from photography. Photograhy is a major hobby/passion of mine. I always strongly suggest that if you are having a major event such as a wedding, please seek out a professional photographer who specializes in that event.
Q: How much does it cost to do a photo session?
A: I currently do not charge a "sitting" fee since this is a major Hobby, taking the photos cost me nothing, I get a lot of experience from each session, and it's just fun. I have had individuals insist that I charge something and since I do have equipment that does need to be replaced or updated from time to time such as printers, donations are accepted but not required.
Q: How much does it cost to get prints?
A: Printing is a different story. I do have expenses when printing in both paper and ink. I can print from a 4x6 all the way up to a 13x19 "Mini Poster" I can't compete with Walmart or other labs and they may be a better choice. My prints are on Professional Photo Paper and use the very best inks. I have a "How much for Prints" section on my website at: http://youngaloha.com/prints

I charge "at cost" for printing but sometimes sending them to a servicer can be a lot cheaper. I will choose either to print them myself or send them to a service depending on what is cheaper

For example:

My cost: 5 8x10s @ $5.00 per print = $25
Service: 5 8x10s @ $3.05 per print + $12 shipping = $27.50

My cost: 10 8x10s @ $5.00 per print = $50
Service: 10 8x10s @ $3.05 per print + $12 Shipping = $42.50

The service I use the most is mpix.com

I am also a professional member at Millers Photo Labs (Parent company of MPix) and sometimes get reduced rates there.
Q: Can I have my photos "Fixed-Up" in Photoshop?
A: I have a very extensive knowledge of working in Photoshop. I can fix blemishes, soften skin, or correct for camera distortion. How much PS is used depends on the client. I never try to go too far, (i.e. I do not stretch necks or give you longer legs). I always attempt to make the model look as close as posible to their natural look (minus blemishes, skin folds, etc.)
Any photos you order or want must be fixed up to some degree (i.e. paint out the background, correct for color, etc.) that do not change a person's appearance. I do ask that you DO NOT use any photo from a session until I've had a to do at least these required changes. (i.e. photographed in front of my black background with light leaks and shawdows that need to be fixed)
Q: Can I have lots of photos from my photoshoot "fixed-up" so that I can put them on the web?
A: Photos from a photoshoot usually end up online rather then printed. I will be more then happy to "fix-up" 10 photos to start. If I choose to add you to youngaloha photos on the website, then I may have you select more. The first 10 will be done ASAP, any more then that will depend on when I have the time to work on them. If you want more then 30 fixed up, then I may need to charge you for my time. Prints will get priority.
Q: Where do you take the photos (where are the photo sessions held)?
A: I take the "studio" photos in the living room of my home. I ask that anyone who has scheduled a session to give me at least a 24 to 48 hour notice if they can not make the session. Either email me or call me.
Final Photo
Final Photo
You can see the backdrop and some of the lights here
  You can see the backdrop and some of the lights here  
Q: Can we do my Photo session somewhere outside, in a park, or up in the mountains?

A: Yes, BUT I have great lighting equipment at home for total control of the lights. Going away from that into the field, outside, a park, or wherever, means not having that control. With that said, if you wish to do your session somewhere else, it will need to take some planning as to where and what time we are all available plus have permission to use that area. I personally do not have any places that I know of to just go to an outdoors session. I've had some do a session near a lake (within the city) or out at Lake Mead. Red Rock Canyon is a pretty place; I did one session for a CD cover up in the Ghost Town at Bonnie Springs. The main point here is to know where you want to do the session and planning it all out if you prefer a location outside of my "studio". I also may need to charge for Gas if the location requires driving a distance away.

Some places (such as Red Rock Canyon) have an entry fee which should be paid by the client. Also more and more places (including Red Rock, and some hotels) may require a permit of which can be as high as $300 if they see the photoshoot a professional shoot.

If a larger area is needed for large groups, then another indoor location can be choosen as long as there is electricity for my lights. Another option is outdoors after dark, (again as long as there is power).

Q: Do you do weddings, birthday parties, special events?
A: Generally No. As mentioned above, I do not do this for a living so photographing a large event such as a wedding is not something I generally do. I have made exceptions, but only for very good/close friends. I again strongly suggest that you seek a professional photographer for these special once in a life time events. They have the experence and the know how to get the job done correctly and in a timely fashion.
Q: Can I bring my Other People to the photoshoot to just watch?
A: Unless you have already made arrangements to be photographed WITH these other people, then I would prefer and strongly suggest that they not come to the session. In order to get the best possible poses/photos, I will need your total attention. Someone you brought who is just "watching" the session is a distraction and the photos will come out that way. I do ask that at least one parent or guardian be present a the session for anyone under the age of 16.
Q: Do I need to sign a Model Release in order to do a photo session with you?

A: Yes. The model release is a legal document that protects both the model and the photographer. I use a standard release that is very similar to any other photographers release forms. It is especially important to have a release form on file if I am creating a website for you in Youngaloha Photos. One of the few things you can do at the age of 18 is to be able to sign legal documents/permission forms without having your parent's permission. In some cases, I have even make this into a special event (or ceremony) of signing your first legal document.

Click here to view my Model Release: Minor document
(You will need to have a PDF Reader installed on your computer to view it).
Q: How do I arrange to have a photo session taken?

A: If you are reading this, then you have probably already contacted me about doing a photo session. Go to Youngaloha.com and click on the Calendar button. Pick a date that I do not have grayed out** and email or call me with the date and a time that you would like to do your photo session. If you have not contacted me yet then email is the best and quickest way. You can email me by clicking on webmaster Information and then clicking email webmaster.

** Un-grayed dates are NOT guaranteed, they may have already been selected for other reasons but simply have not been updated as yet.

Q: How long does a photo session last?
A: It depends on what kind of photo session you are having. If you are doing a typical multi-change of clothes photo session then it could be from 2 to 4 hours long (sometimes longer). This gives us time for you to change, put on makeup, take a break from time to time, slow down a bit and really take great photos, along with time to look at the photos at the end and possibly burn them to a CD. If you are only doing one thing, say just a Hula Kahiko session, then it would be from 2 to 3 hours. A portfolio session could be from 5 to 10 hours (we would have to do multiple sessions if over 5 hours) and could even be at multiple locations. I will strongly suggest that your session last at a minimum of 2 hours.
Q: What kind of Photo Sessions do you offer?
A: There is no limit to what kind of photos I take. Usually, I will just take photos of you with whatever costumes or clothing you have brought. If you bring school clothes then the poses would be based on that theme, if you bring swimsuits then that would be the theme, etc. You can bring whatever you want to be photographed in. Here are just some of the "themes" I have shot:
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Hula Kahiko or Ancient Tahitian
[Click Here to see Examples]
Ancient Hula. Hula dancing before the coming of the white man to the islands. The costume is usually natural looking, (flower leis, Maile (leaves), simple wraps "around the waist"). Ancient Hawaiian female children wore little more then tapa cloth around their waist, if anything. Their tops sometimes were covered by lei and/or maile (leaves). These are more serious but can be a lot of fun. I have many pareos, grass skirts, coconut bras, lei, flowers, maile, etc. for use in dressing "Hawaiian", or you may bring your own.
Contemporary Polynesian
[Click Here to see Examples]
Modern Hula, Tahitian, Polynesian. Hula after the coming of the missionaries. This can be pa'au skirts, or full dresses. These are more contemporary poses. Lots of smiles. Can be a little more "sexy" in style.
Graduation/Senior Photos
[Click Here to see Examples]
Formal/casual and/or cap & gown. Dipicts the style and personality of the model (I am including this here since a lot of those wanting Senior Photos are not quite 18 yet)
[Click Here to see Examples]
All types, it depends on what types of clothing the model brings with her.
[Click Here to see Examples]
For the aspiring model or dancer - many different types of poses in many styles of dress. These photos can be shown to perspective agencies or clients.
[Click Here to see Examples]
I don't have a lot of room in my "studio" but have taken family photos of up to 5 people. I have also traveled to homes and set up in a "bigger" room.
[Click Here to see Examples]
A gift for the whole year. This can be a very long session or a series of sessions, where I photograph you in different outfits and/or costumes for each month in the year. These can be G rated (gift for family and friends) or more on the sexy side (gift for boyfriend or husband).
[Click Here to see Examples]
YES, I can transform you into a mermaid. I have been collecting pretty much anything mermaid for years as a hobby and decided that transforming models into Mermaids was a fun and interested part of Youngaloha Photos. Depending upon if you desire the traditional Mermaid or the Disney style, you may be showing a LOT of skin, including being topless (traditional).
Milestone Years: (see below)
Q: Do you have a professional hair and make-up person?
A: No, All make-up, hair, and grooming would need to be done by the model or done at a professional salon before coming to the session. I do have mirrors and a lighted bathroom, (as well as a changing room).
Q: What are Milestone Photo Sessions?

A: There are certain years as we grow up that are considered milestone years. These are the years that you really want to be photographed to show how you looked at different stages of life. Of course there are many more milestones past 21, those are usually classified under an event (i.e. Marriage, Maternity, First Job, etc.)

Here is what I consider to be milestone years:

Birth - Including Maternity leading up to birth
1 Year Old (baby lu'au)
5 Years old (starting school)
10 Years old (now a double digit age - doing kid things, having fun)
13 years old (TEENAGER)
16 years old (Sweet 16 - coming of age. These could start to be a little more mature)
18 years old (legal adult, graduating )

Q: Can I see more examples of your photos?
A: My website, youngaloha.photos, has 1000s of my photographs. I put a lot of my photo sessions up in the Youngaloha Photos section. You will need to get the password from me to view all the photos full size. You will find examples there. You will not, however, find any examples of nudes or models who are topless.
Q: Will I get a section in Youngaloha Photos after my session.
A: If you want to be added to the Youngaloha Photos section of my website, you must fill out the Model Release and check mark and initial the section relating to the web site giving your permission. Then, in time, I will select a number of photos from your session, fix them up, and create a homepage for you. It will be password protected. I will then contact you to look over the site and make sure there are no photos there that you do not want to be there. If all is well, I will put in a link so that other's can come and view the photos.
Q: Can I get my photos in Black & White or Sepia?
A: Yes. I shoot all photos on a digital SLR camera in color. I can then pop them into the computer and can quickly change them to B&W or sepia tone.
Q: How long will it take before I can see the photos?
A: To see the photos right out of the camera, instantly. I just pop them on the computer and then can show you all the photos taken. It will take me between two weeks and a month or so before I can fix them up and possibly put them on the website. Printing photos takes precedence over the website and I will expedite the process for that. After the shoot, I will put all the photos taken on my website in the Client section. I will then email you your password (each client gets their own password in this section) There you can see all the unprocessed photos and this is where I will put processed (fixed-up) photos as well (in time).
Q: Can I just download the photos (from younaloha.photos) and take them to Walmart to be printed, (I think it is cheaper there then your prices)

A: YES, However I do own the copyright to the photos and that will pop up at Walmart at which time they will ask for a release or refuse to print the photos. You will need to request a release from me to allow printing (this does not give you the copyright to the photos just permission to have them printed). Keep in mind, Walmart and other stores do not print on the highest quality paper and the prints may fade in time.

This is probably the one main area that makes me different then pro Photographers, they make their main income by having you buy prints through them at all times at an inflated cost per print (factoring their profit). There is nothing wrong with this since it is how they make a living.

Q: In what form will I get my prints?

A: I use a Cannon Pro-100 color printer and Cannon Professional Paper to make prints from 4x6, 8x10 all the way up to 11x14 or 13x19. Sizes bigger then that will have to be sent out to an online photo service.